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Taeho lives in Southern California where he conducts workshops for about six months in a year. For three months of the year, he teaches classes at woodworking schools across the country. He hopes this will allow him to better meet and work with woodworkers who
would not otherwise be able to attend his classes.

Taeho selects projects for his workshops based on their beauty, utility, and unique learning opportunities. Taeho’s goal is for each student to complete their project by the end of the workshop because you will learn the full intended information when you actually finish the project. His classes will always involve unique joinery and techniques. There are many books and workshops available about joinery that teach how to make the joints but not where to use or not to use, and why. During the workshops Taeho will share the answers to the questions he had, like these, during his apprenticeship years.

About the Class

Taeho’s classes are targeted for all woodworkers with any skill level. Taeho has developed jigs for all classes to assist all levels of woodworkers to be successful with finishing the project. Even with minimal experience in table saws and routers, his workshops are for anyone. Those who are completely new to woodworking should consider his Introduction to Woodworking class where you learn the fundamentals of woodworking and make a very cool box as well. A special quality about Taeho’s classes is that he gives a significant amount of attention to each student, ensuring that they get all the knowledge he intended to give for the specific workshop.


For more information about workshops and the locations of workshops for the year can be found in his website at www.tkwoodartstudio.com