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Taeho Kwon attended East Carolina University and majored in Commercial Arts, studying Interior Design. His goal was to construct his own designs instead of hiring other builders. To achieve this, he applied for jobs outside of the field and started working on fine carpentry. He also tried to learned everything he could from framing to exteriors, anything that would improve his skills to build his designs. After learning and practicing for 10 years, he decided to take a step further and extend his understanding of joinery. He then traveled to Korea and attended The School of Traditional Korean Architecture, earning a Certificate of Maintenance and Restoration for Korean traditional buildings. He learned to make Buddhist Temples and traditional furniture. Since then, he has spent numerous years gaining experience on the restoration and new construction of traditional Korean houses, as well as temple buildings. He focused on temples because he wanted to improve his knowledge of joinery and the secrets behind making it last for thousands of years. In a temple or a King's Palace building, there are about three times more types of joints involved than in fine furniture building. His plan has been to utilize this advanced joinery in his own furniture design, which is represented in his sitting bench/coffee table and the entry table creation.


Taeho lives in Southern California where he conducts workshops for about six months a year. For three months of the year, he teaches classes at woodworking schools across the country. He hopes this will allow him to better meet and work with woodworkers who would not otherwise be able to attend his woodshop.

Taeho selects projects for his workshops based on their beauty, utility, and unique learning opportunities. Taeho's goal is for each student to complete their project by the end of the workshop because you will learn the full intended information when you actually finish the project. His classes will always involve unique joinery and techniques.  There are many books and workshops available about joinery that teach how to make the joints but not where to use or not to use, and why. During the workshops, Taeho will share the answers to the questions he had, like these, during his apprenticeship years.

Taeho's classes are targeted at all woodworkers with any skill level, made possible by using specified jigs for all classes to assist all levels of woodworkers to be successful with finishing the project. Even with minimal experience in table saws and routers, his workshops are for anyone. A special quality about Taeho's classes is that he gives a significant amount of attention to each student, ensuring that they get all the knowledge he intended to give for the specific workshop.



All materials needed for all workshops held at TK Woodart Studio will be available for purchase in addition to the tuition fee. You are welcome to bring your own wood, in which you will receive an additional email containing the required material and cut-list.

Tools and Protection Gear List

It is important that you bring your own personal safety protection gear such as safety glasses, dust masks, and ear plugs.

The basic tool list will be the same for all workshops. Any additional information will be listed in the class description page.

Basic Tool List

0.5mm mechanical pencil


4 to 6 inch square

Measuring tape

Bench chisels



Marking knife

Marking gauge

Hand saw

3”, 6” Incra T rules

Hand plane

Payments & Registration Procedure

  1.  You may register online anytime at

  2. An initial deposit of $100 - $300 of the tuition will have to be made in order to secure a spot for a class.

  3. Full payment for the tuition must be received 30 days prior to the beginning of the workshop. You will receive a reminder through email.

  4. You must withdraw from a workshop more than 60 days in advance in order to receive a full refund.

  5. If you withdraw 30 to 59 days before the workshop, only 50% of the deposit will be refunded.

  6. If you withdraw within 29 days of the workshop, there will be NO REFUND or transferring of the money to another workshop.

  7. If for any reason TK Woodart Studio must cancel a workshop, all money will be refunded.


Please Note the Following

By taking our workshops, you agree to do so solely at your own risk and release owners, guest lecturers, assistants, staff, and other students from any claims or liabilities from injury, loss, damage, or death. All students must sign a liability waiver stating that they have read, understand, and agree to the contents of the liability waiver.

Students who intentionally violate any rules or put others at risk will be asked to leave and no refund will be available.

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