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In this 5-day class, the students will be building either a dining or lounge chair version of the Conoid chair, up to their choice. Taeho will have jigs and templates ready for both chairs and cover lectures on them as well.

George Nakashima’s Conoid chair is recognized as one of the two most iconic chairs that were created in our modern times along with Sam Maloof’s rocker. The Conoid chair has all four elements that needs to be a “PERFECT DESIGN” which are, Aesthetic, Comfort, Durability, and Function.

The workshop will be focusing on finding the detail elements that was used to complete the “PERFECT DESIGN” in Taeho’s perspective.


  • Learn to cut compound angles on a tablesaw
  • Learn to make perfect chair joinery
  • Shaping a seat & spindles
  • Learn to make your own three-part oil finish

10/17 - 21 - 5 DAY / Nakashima Inspired Lounge/Dining Chair. Material:

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