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This workshop is not just about learning Eastern joinery. This class has so much to offer regarding enhancing your woodworking skills. This project not only includes a 16” tall sculpture that can be used to display alongside your other showoff pieces but also focuses on perfecting the layout. It provides a complete guide on the eastern handsaw, a chiseling technique used by Temple building joiners, and importantly, it covers the variety of methods for cutting the joints simply, no matter how complex the shape of the joint is.

Many books and workshops about joinery teach how to make the joints but not where to use them, where not to use them, and why. During the workshops, both joinery 1 & 2, Taeho will share the answers to the questions he had during his apprenticeship years.


Key Points

  • Making a 16” tall actual Gong-Po structure
  • Secrets to expand the lifespan of the wood to 1,000 years
  • Where and why to use Temple joints in the furniture-making
  • Facts & myths about Eastern structure
  • Mastering the perfect layout
  • Making 16 different complex joints
  • Gaining complete knowledge of the wood movements

Joinery 2 Utilizing Buddhist Temple Joinery in Woodworking Projects

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