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Kumiko is a delicate and sophisticated technique of assembling wooden pieces without using nails. In this 6-day workshop, students will be introduced to making 30/60-degree patterns, which are the next level from the 45/90-degree panel. Mastering the Art of Kumiko workshop will enhance your skill and knowledge to make complex Kumiko panels and patterns and utilize the common power tools to make the processing easier.

Key Points

  • Make a 24” x 42” decorative panel
  • Learning the simple geometry formulas to identify the dimensions of the patterns
  • Learning both handwork & power-tool methods
  • Seven to eight different Kumiko patterns
  • Covering & reviewing everything from “The Art of Kumiko” workshop
  • The material cost includes over 1,000 pieces ready to be cut and shaped and four different angle shaping jigs to take home.

Mastering the Art of Kumiko: Making a 30°/60° Wall Panel

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