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Although this class will teach making a coffee table/sitting bench, many other aspects of woodworking will also be focused on. Students will learn how to make furniture that will last not only a lifetime but hundreds of years, generation to generation, without any extra time or work necessary. This can be done just by utilizing the characteristics of the wood and its behavior. Taeho will share his profound knowledge of joinery that will take students’ work to a new level. Not only will the result be a unique two-in-one sitting bench/coffee table, but students will also obtain knowledge of the proper utilization of wood to truly make it last. The complex joinery (three different joints interlocking) may intimidate beginners; however, shaping and some joints will be made using jigs that Taeho will bring. This workshop is suitable for all levels of woodworking experience.

Key Points

  • A brief history of traditional Eastern Timber Framing
  • How to extend the lifespan of the wood
  • Mastering the hand-saw technique
  • Making a traditional 2,500-year-old joinery proven to last
  • Acquire skills and techniques of using a chisel and hand saw
    Learning how to properly utilize a wood’s grain

Cantilever Live Edge Coffee Table Using Eastern Joinery

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