Joinery 2

6 Day Class

This class is for those who want to acquire deeper into the understanding of joinery. It will be covering most of the joinery that is used in eastern timber framing buildings like the Buddhist Temple and the King’s Palace. Whether you are a timber framer or a woodworker who only focuses on furniture making, this class will help you enormously on constructing the best furniture possible.

During Taeho’s apprenticeship years, he has focused more on building temples than furniture because he wanted to improve his knowledge of joinery and the secrets behind making it last for thousands of years. In a temple or a King’s Palace building, there are about three times more types of joints involved than in fine furniture building. His plan has been to utilize this advanced joinery in his own furniture design, which is represented in his Sitting Bench/Coffee Table and the Entry Table creation.

The students will be constructing varieties of joints, which will interlock all together and become one cool structure for future reference or display in your woodworking collections.

There are no prerequisites to take this class; you will not need to take Joinery 1. If you have interest in utilizing traditional timber frame joinery into your own furniture designs and improving your skills and knowledge in joinery, this class is perfect for it.

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