Guide to milling the wood

Marking and Layout

Safety and how to use woodworking machinery

Lots of unique

joinery including


Selecting the right wood for use

How to properly utilize a wood's grain



Introduction to Woodworking

6 Day Class

Finding the perfect proportion with the golden ratio

And so much 


In this six day workshop you will construct a beautiful Korean Traditional make-up/ jewelry box while obtaining most of the fundamentals of woodworking. A special quality about Taeho’s classes is that he gives a significant amount of attention to each student, which will be emphasized even more for this particular class. Aside from Taeho’s usual classes, he has developed jigs specifically for this class to assist even those who are completely new to woodworking. But the skill involved is enough to attract interest from intermediate woodworkers as well for its unique joinery. Some of the joinery includes miter through mortise and tenon, miter offset mortise and tenon, inlay spline joint, half blind dovetail, and more.