Entry Table with Traditional Korean Joinery

2 Week Class


This class is another example of incorporating Eastern timber framing joinery into furniture making, like the Sitting Bench/ Coffee Table workshop. Taeho has always considered combining both the Scandinavian and Korean Traditional design, which are Taeho’s favorites; this Entry Table is the first piece of the Scandinarean (Scandinavian/Korean) series that Taeho is planning to make. 


The table’s legs and the apron is connected with the miter joint using the traditional hidden housed tenon joint, which is one of the strongest joineries that can be used for a miter joint. The legs and the aprons are also compound bevel tapered to create the slim lines while maintaining its strength. The top and sides were made with the Korean Traditional grid pattern that was only allowed to be used in the King’s Palace and the Buddhist Temple in previous centuries. 


Although Taeho’s workshops are for any level of woodworking experience, this workshop would be the one exception that requires intermediate skills. It also requires a lots of patience, consisting of nearly a thousand drillings and over a thousand joints. You might never want to make another one, but it is definitely a challenge you should tackle that comes with the result of having a truly one of a kind furniture piece added to your collection.