17” w × 17” d × 65” h

Display Cabinet with Open Shelves

6 Day Class

This freestanding cabinet is the second project of the series in learning how to make furniture using unique and perfect joinery. Like the first of the series, the Bedside Lamp, this project consists varieties of unique joinery and in addition has a two-way half-blind dovetail drawer and five-piece inset doors. Another unique feature of this cabinet is that the shelf panels are done by marquetry into four sections to create the various colors, but is actually made by the same species of wood. The veneer was cut from the same batch of the stock, but one was ripped to a quarter sawn and another to a flat sawn.
This cabinet design was made based on the Korean Traditional furniture called “Sa-Bang-Toc-Ja” which means four-way opened cabinet. The designer or maker of this piece is unknown, but it dates back to the 17th century. It is probably one of the most famous pieces during the Josun Dynasty (1400 AD-1900 AD) and was seen in every household. Although this design was created 400 years ago, its minimalistic fine lines with the contrast of the beautifully figured wood grains are very balanced and look contemporary to match the modern style. It will look perfect in the hallway, entrance, by the sofa, or just about anywhere you have space for Display Cabinet with Open Shelves

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Veneering using modern technique

Pros and cons of

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