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The design of this stool was based on and inspired by Aled Lewis, a furniture designer and maker who works both in America and the United Kingdom. Because Taeho liked the design so much, he originally decided to duplicate Aled’s stool design for his own use at his shop; But then he realized every woodworker deserves a nice stool to go with their work bench, and that this would make a perfect weekend workshop. So, Taeho has done a few minor facelifts to the original design to make it suitable for a weekend class and, as of all of Taeho’s classes, he came up with jigs to complete this stool in just 2 days. However, being only a 2 day class, this workshop would be more of a project workshop than an educational workshop.

Although this class is called Shop Stool, the exposed joinery with aesthetically curved and tapered line in this stool will shine at any place in your home.

A.  Lewis Inspired Shop Stool

2 Day Class

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