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This lamp making workshop is definitely one of Taeho’s favorites. This lamp was created to become a complete guidance of furniture making rather than focusing on the aesthetic of the design. The lamp stands at only 10” wide × 10” deep × 27” high. But don’t let the size fool you. Despite its small size, it consists about 130 parts with little over 400 joints. Taeho’s goal was to incorporate as much joints as possible into this lamp so that by the end of the class, the students will be very confident in utilizing joinery for their projects.

After almost 5 years of having an instructing career, one thing he found out is that a lot of students question how to utilize the joinery they have learned in joinery classes, which was one of the questions Taeho had himself during his apprenticeship years. This lamp making class, with over 400 joints, provides explanations of why one joint works over the other, and teaches the reasoning behind the best methods and techniques for the making of this lamp.

By the end of this class, students will be proud of the outcome of their project with its flawless joints made using the right jigs for each different application. No matter what your level of woodworking is, the students will take home a perfectly made lamp.
If you are novice or intermediate to woodworking and/or want to learn how to make furniture using cool joinery, this class is for you.





Bedside Lamp with Traditional Joinery
7 Day Class


Choosing the right


A. Why to use a

bird's beak over

mortise and tenon

B. Why to use a

rabbet joint over

tongue and groove

Kumiko 2.png

Installing LED lights

with a touchless


C. Why three way

miter (not because

of the esthetic)


Technique of

expanding the

lifespan of the



Perfect jigs makes

perfect furniture


Applying Hanji

(Korean paper 

made with 100%

wood) with home

made glue

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